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December is Here – Let’s Eat for the Season!

                We made it! It’s finally December, so let’s eat for what’s in season! Here’s the list: Arugula Beets Bok Choy Broccoli Broccoli raab Brussel sprouts Carrots Clementines Grapefruit Green onion/scallions Greens Herbs


Eat for the Month of November

                                        Are you eating what’s in-season, in Arizona? Eat local and eat seasonally. You’ll be happy with just how great these

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Wild Blueberry & Chipotle Sauce

Blueberries are incredibly versatile and a great snack option. Most are used to sprinkling blueberries over oatmeal or pancakes, or even using them for a quick snack. What many don’t think about is making something savory with them. Wild blueberries